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GUIDE: Molly Vogel & Kelliann Reginato

Nº VIDEOS & DURATION: 10, each 10 Days

STYLE & LEVEL: Meditation, Mindfulness, All Levels

MOOD & FOCUS: Dissolve Stress, Uplift, Optimism

Liquid Body featured

Align, Full Body

More than a class, this is a comprehensive course designed to introduce you to the essential practice of Alchemy for the New Earth. Filmed in a […]
Feature Embrance 10 day personal retreat

Align, Intention, Building Resilience, Optimism

Dissolve Stress, Healing

If you are experiencing Insomnia, Anxiety, Fatigue, foggy brain and afternoon slumps then you may be experiencing Adrenal Fatigue. GAIN ACCESS

Clear the Mind, Energizing, Flexibility, Full Body

Dissolve Stress, Uplift, Building Resilience

You deserve to feel calm, optimistic, and happy in your life. Your Brain on Mindfulness is what you’ve been looking for. Your Brain on Mindfulness is […]

Dissolve Stress, Uplift, Optimism

The aim of this course is to give some structure around mindfulness but to suit your schedule. It’s about pausing 2 times a day; once in […]

Energizing, Uplift, Flexibility, Strength

Elevate, Joyful, Gratitude, Optimism

Did I mention that when you purchase one for a loved one, I'll gift YOU with one? It's my way of saying, I'm grateful for you.

Clear the Mind, Sweat, Abs, Hips

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Samiel Carolina

Samiel Carolina

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Molly Vogel

Vinyasa Forrest Yoga Teacher

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Yoga Therapist & Counselor
Nicola Wagstag

Nicola Wagstaff

Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher

Tone & strengthen your core! These videos begin with a warm up and breath work. They incorporate loving hip openers, neck stretches and twists to keep your whole body feeling good. Each subsequent video builds on the previous with new challenging variations to strengthen and tone your core, thigh muscles, pelvic floor and low back. Practicing these abdominal exercises heals overpronation of the feet (flat arches) and knocked knees while improving digestion and overall internal organ function.