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Thailand Live Classes - Backbends!

56 minutes

Find and strengthen the back muscles to open the chest and improve posture while moving gracefully through the transitions.
Thailand Full Classes - Twists Anew (video 5

56 minutes

Experience this class as if it was the first time doing each pose. "Be a beginner" and learn from yourself!
Thailand Full Classes - Core, Balance, & Focus (video 4).mp4

56 minutes

Yoga work-out style, feel all the muscles in your body work in this challenging fun sequence.
Thailand Live Classes Hips & Shoulders 1

56 minutes

Gain movement and flexibility in the upper back & shoulders while using the legs and practicing balance.

56 minutes

Stretch out hips and legs, strengthen the core, sides, back & arms!
Thailand Live Classes Slow Yoga 1

60 minutes

Gentle Forrest Vinyasa yoga for deep flexibility.
Yoga for beginners

23 minutes

Using the wonderful prop of a chair embark on your journey to feeling good in your skin by starting to stretch out!

18 minutes

The classic yoga sequence for full body stretching and strengthening, also known as the moving mediation, is Sun Salutations. Move slowly through the poses and feel the enlightening benefits!
Yoga for BEginners

23 minutes

Learn the a few basic Pranayama practices (yoga breathing techniques) and start to shift from thinking mode into feeling mode to calm the mind for meditation.

20 minutes

Gentle relaxing floor class for low back and hips to release tension.
Yoga for Beginners

31 minutes

Start stretching out the whole body on the floor, move into lunges and end with a few strength building poses.

80 minutes

To cleanse, detox and re-set, practice 54 sun salutations with some feel-good stretchy variations! Beginning with seated meditation, close your eyes and listen to the explanation of why 108 sun salutations are practiced on the solstices. Take this moment of yogic tradition and disclipine to check in with yourself and set intentions for the coming season.

17 minutes

Focus on core strength and twists to unstick the stuck and detox in this full body workout vinyasa style class.

17 minutes

Get those kinks out! Quick yoga workout to stretch and strengthen the whole body.

35 minutes

Get out of your head and into your body to get feeling good in your skin with this uplifting and grounding vinyasa class focused on alignment and breath.